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International Club Of Young Laporoscopic  Surgeons
The ICYLS association website is dedicated to e-learning in laparoscopic, endoscopic and robotic bariatric surgery.
Here, you can stay connected with the community and via the video library, you will have access to our news and the replays of the congresses.
You will found on this website the most updated informations about laporoscopic surgeons. Regularly, one of our experts will give us a presentation on a specific topic and share their experience.
At ICYLS, we believe that learning and sharing knowledge is essential for drivin progress and achieving better outcomes for our patients.
Our website offers a wide range of resources and tools designed to help you expand your knowledge and connect with other experts in the field.
ICYLS is presided by Dr. Marius Nedelcu, expert laparoscopic surgeon from Romania with currently working in Marseille and Toulon (France)
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Dr. Marius Nedelcu

Originaly from Romania, my interest for bariatric surgery goes back to my last year of university (2006), when I spent a month in Strasbourg to attend my first course in bariatric course. After a short stay in the US (2008), where I passed all my exams (ECFMG certificate), I decided for family reasons to come back in France. I expanded my experience in bariatrics under the mentorship of Professor David Nocca (2010 - 2012) and doctor Patrick Noel (2013).
They gave me the opportunity to perform my first bariatric procedures as a resident, and they also encouraged my scientific work, with Professor Michel Gagner. In 2022, I have more than 100 articles published on bariatric surgery. Consequently, I was included in the editorial board of SOARD and in June 2016, I received the "Certificate of exceptional contribution".
In 2013, I became "Chef de Clinique" at the University of Strasbourg and since 2017, I have started my activity in private practice in the South of France to the "Centre Chirurgical de l'Obesité" in Marseille and Toulon.
In 2022, I was the president of young chapter of SOFFCO (French Bariatric Society) more than ten years back, I joined ICYLS improving my laparoscopic knowledge and having the opportunity to meet a lot of friends and great mentors.
I am happy to embrass the challenge to become President of ICYLS and to continue the great work of our dear Past President and my great friend, 

Dr. Mariano Palermo

David Nocca, MD, PhD

Founder President
Digestive Surgery Professor
Head Of The Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery Unit at Montpellier University Hospital
President B.E.S.T congress 2021
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Palermo Mariano, MD, PhD

ICYLS Past President

Palermo Mariano, MD, PhD, FACS
ICYLS Past President

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